E-commerce category pages outperform product detail pages in SERPs

According to research conducted on SMXWest2020 on Thursday, the pages in the e-commerce category represent larger opportunities for organic search traffic ranking and driving than product description pages. About 30 high-end US, e-commerce sites that perform more than 25 billion keywords, category pages, product description pages, optimize keyword rankings and improve traffic Demonstrate high ability […]

A quick guide to understanding Google’s quality rater guidelines

“You can see the router guiding principles as we want where the search algorithm goes,” Ben Gomes, head of Google search, once explained to CNBC. Gomez’s statement underscores the document’s relationship with Google’s algorithm, yet despite its relevance to publishers and SEOs, QualityResearchGoodlines (QRG) is a threatening resource for many digital marketers. Are. At SMXWest […]

How to tackle rising Facebook CPAs

SAN JOSE – With more advertisers and bigger budgets crowded on Facebook and Instagram, acquisition costs are rising. Advertisers can further their social advertising dollars by rethinking the fundamentals of campaigns. “You have to make sure that you are scaling your available inventory for Claro ThreeRate, mirroring your audience, and moving on.” Decorate Facebook CPC […]

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