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Google positioned to dominate the ‘O2O economy’

Google is in a strong position to benefit the online-to-offline (O2O) economy on a large scale. In my SMX Next keynote statement last week, I discussed Google’s dominant position in linking the digital and physical worlds, Google My Business’ evolution, and the future of local distribution as a more divided trend. Almost every ‘enterprise’ is […]

The rise of customer review amplifiers

Back in 2016, I introduced the concept of a data amplifier in this column. I told them consist of publishers (like Apple and Google) and data aggregators (such as Infogroup) who together made sure enterprise location data was available everywhere people searched for me. Since then, some of the data amplifiers have become something else: […]

Coronavirus disrupts search, digital ad budgets

Analysts expect Google and Facebook to experience declining ad revenue in travel and other industries, mostly affected by global efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus. On the ground, marketers and media shoppers are re-evaluating their near-term advertising strategies. Loop Capital Markets analyst Rob Sanderson expects Google to see a 15 percent drop in travel […]

Case Study: How UGC increased organic traffic 228%

In the Quality Elevator Guidelines, Google shares that high quality informational content is real, accurate, concise and should properly reflect the consensus of experts. The problem is: Not all brands have the time, budget, or strategy to build this quality standard. Or so they think. Using UGC, we helped our nonprofit publish more than two […]

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