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Several WordPress SEO plugins are on the fritz

It’s been a tough day for many SEO plugin users. Many Google Analytics Dashboard users are claiming the WP Plugin for Extreme Matrix has lost traffic data after updating to version 6.0. Meanwhile, Yoast SEO and Rank Math plugins are generating invalid Canonical URLs when these URLs contain Unicode characters. Google Analytics data is lost. […]

Got Email? Get brand protection and higher open rates

Email is the most common way to communicate with your prospects and users. But email is also at high risk of phishing and cyberattacks. In fact, 91% of all cyberattacks start with email and 83% of them use brand attacks – such as These attacks have significantly damaged your company’s reputation – which has […]

The data behind incrementality on Amazon

Every market worth their salt is worried about growing. Companies advertise their advertising, channels and service providers and should be able to sell sales from an ad they would not otherwise have received. This issue is especially important when it comes to Amazon, as existing SERPs can naturally sell organic organic with the same product […]

Google Ads significantly streamlines attribution reporting

The new concept on the Overview page is part of an overview of attribution reporting in Google ads. Attribution reporting is being restored in Google Ads. Google announced Thursday that the name is changing from search attribution to mere attribution. The update makes reporting significantly smoother. The Attribution section is going to: over it: Overview […]

Most local SEOs making at least $60,000

According to Bright Local 2020 Local Search Industry Survey, the majority of local SEO professionals are happy with their jobs. This is a clear implication that 78 intend to remain in their current position. The survey provides responses to 475 “local marketers”, including agencies, insiders, freelancers and local businesses. The following was the top of […]

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