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From now on, in addition to Facebook ads, you can also create paid advertising campaigns in Google search ads using Gate Response. This is a great way to complement your online marketing efforts to promote your products and services across two of the world’s largest advertising networks!

Before discussing campaign details, ask yourself: Why are people actually searching for certain phrases in Google?

The answer is very simple. This is usually because they are looking for some services or products. That’s why traffic from the Google search engine is so valuable and effective.

In the sales funnel, this action is located at the bottom, which makes people from Google, for example, more decision-makers than campaigners.

It also means that in this case the contact details are more likely to be sold / dropped / downloaded from a book (or any other action we want to take). That’s why it’s important to display your own ad for search keywords. But I will write more about it in a minute.

So how do you easily create your first Google ad campaign in Gate Response? Follow these 7 steps.

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How to create Google ads in Get R Sponsor in 7 steps

Step 1. Access paid ads in the GetRespons menu

First, click “Paid Ads” in the Getraspins menu.

Image Showcase How You Can Access Paid Ads in the Gate Responsive Navigational Menu.
Paid Ads Feature in the Gate Response Menu menu

Step 2. Create a Google ad

Click “Create Google Ad” next.

Image showing the Google Ads tab in the Gate Response Dashboard.
The Google Ads tab in the Gate Response Dashboard

Step 3. Name your ad

Let’s name your first ad. Match it to the topic of your keywords – it will be easier to find later.

Image showing the first step in the search ad setup process - the name of your ad.
Google Search Ad Settings – The name of your ad

Step 4. Provide ad content

Let’s create an ad. Let’s go Without effective and compelling advertising, the chances of you clicking on someone else’s ad are significantly reduced, so you’ll be able to spend some time creating it. Let’s start with the captions (we recommend completing all 3), the link and the display URL.

Tip 1: Why is it worth creating a “clickable ad”?

Because it’s only… cheaper! The more people click on your ad in terms of the number of impressions, the lower the cost per click (CPC). A high CTR (click-through rate) means that your ad responds well to the user’s query, which is reflected in the advertising costs. What is CTR? This is nothing more than the number of clicks. Take your time with creativity, leaving out complex terms for a moment – it’s able to make them more relevant and attractive to your customers.

For example, when creating an ad for a store with special Labrador Foods, I tried to make it as attractive as possible. Consumers should clearly know to order something for our biscuit eater in our store. 😉 Of course, the link is to take them directly to the page where the user can easily buy certain products. For example, directing a site to an animal feed is just a waste of money. And it often disappoints potential customers.

Image to set up a Google search ad Image that represents the content of your desired ad. This includes headings and URLs.
Google search ad settings. Advertising Content

The general rule is that your Google ad search ad should contain:

a) to be ReliableExplain what the person will show after clicking on the link. Therefore, when advertising Labrador food, you should both write about it in the ad content and provide a link to the exact page where our food limit for this breed of dog is presented.

b) containing a the required words – Preferably in the headlines, display URL and ad details (see below). This increases the ad’s CTR and indicates that our ad is equal to what the user is looking for.

c) Stand out from similar advertisements – Identify a competitive advantage, that is, something that will encourage people to click. Is your dog’s food organic, grain-free and do you get free shipping? Great, write about it!

It’s a good idea to read Google’s short ad rules before creating your ad.

Hint 2: Why is it possible to complete 3 captions and 2 descriptions

The Google Advertising System doesn’t always display 3 headlines and 2 descriptions, but if it does – our ad will be more compelling and (then CTR magic) than ads with 2 headlines and 1 description. So in my opinion, there is no point in making small ads. It is also possible to use as many characters as possible in the ad – it also affects the CTR mentioned earlier. And that leads to the fact that – yes – advertising is cheap! (See tip 1)

Next step Completing long pieces of text, appearing under our headings. At this point, you should explain to the audience why they clicked on your ad. All sorts of numbers or calling processes work very well in this case. In our example, the statements look like this.

Icon showing additional content that you should provide to launch a search ad - text description.
Google Search Ad Settings – Ad Description

Hint 3: Numbers, numbers and more numbers!

You’re trusted by over 100 users, and you sold 2300 e-books in 10 seconds that you delivered to your users’ mailboxes? Write about it in the ad – get more clicks on numbered ads (not to mention that when you give a 20% discount Buying 2 eBooks… OK? ؛)). Check it out!

Step 5. Choose your target audience

The next step is to specify the customer locations and languages ​​in which you want your ads to appear:

An image display in which you can use Google search ads to define the target audience for your paid advertising campaign.
Google Search Ad Settings – Target Audience

Step 6. Choose your keywords

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Depending on your purpose, either make them specific (for example, display Labrador food words instead of dog food), or general (if your goal is to reach our website and simply increase traffic). In our example it can be seen that:

Using positive and negative keywords, Google Search is showing an image of who your audience can see in the ad.
Google search ad settings. Positive and negative words

Tip 4: Exclude as many keywords as possible!

Keywords are one of the most important tasks in Google Advertising Process Gate Response. Why are they so important? First, you are showing your ads to traffic that is likely to click on your ad but not entirely in your target group. As a result, you need to budget for low-cost traffic to your site. So, at this point, consider who searches for your keywords, but their intentions are quite different. For example, when selling online public speaking training, exclude words like “on site”, “free”, or “youtube”.

Step 7. Determine your advertising budget

The last step is to determine the campaign’s advertising budget and duration. In this case, we recommend that your daily budget be at least 5 per day:

Here's how you can set your advertising budget and ad campaign duration.
Google Search Ad Settings – Ad budget and duration

If we have all the elements ready, we can click “Create Ad” and… wait for results first… Good luck!

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