Instagram Extends Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours


Instagram users can now broadcast live four times longer than following a significant extension in live time.

In addition, Instagram is making live streams more discoverable and making them available for longer viewing after their end.

Here are all the more updates announced for Instagram Live.

Long time limit for live streaming

An update that is now running for all Instagram users makes it possible to stay up-to-date for up to four hours in a row.

Previously, the time limit for Instagram Live Streams was one hour, after which the stream would be cut off immediately.

Users had the option to be live again if they wanted to make a long series, but they would lose all their viewers from their last audience.

Instagram extends live streaming timelines to give users the flexibility to stream for long periods of time without interruption.

It brings Instagram together with Facebook in terms of direct streaming limits on mobile devices.

Facebook allows users to stay directly on mobile for up to 4 hours, although this time can be doubled to 8 hours if the desktop computer is disconnected.

Both are still great behind Twitch, however, they can flow for 24+ hours if users choose them.

Instagram users can now take advantage of the extended time limit, as long as their account is in “good position”.

Discover better live streams

Instagram is making it easier for users to discover live streams with the addition of a “live now” section on IGTV.

Instagram extended live streaming to 4 hours

Also, when a live stream ends, Instagram will direct viewers to more live streams from other users.


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This is similar to the way YouTube recommends watching other content at the end of a video.

Instagram may take a page out of Twitch’s playbook in the future and allow users to “raid” other people’s live streams.

A smooth raid is about moving an entire live audience from one user stream to another. This is an optional feature that streamers can use when terminating a broadcast.

A raid helps people find new streamers, while also increasing the viewership of the streamers. This is a victory for both sides.

There is no such feature in Instagram works, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Instagram recently began allowing users to monetize their streams with fan seeds, which is as prominent as Twitch’s subscription system.


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Time will tell if Instagram Live includes more features like Twitch.

Direct series archive

Instagram will soon give users the option to save their series for up to 30 days.

Previously, users could save their feed posts or their stories in private archives, but the only way to save a stream was to publish it to IGTV immediately.

Instagram has extended the live stream time limit to 4 hours

The incoming option to save live steam will act as a feature for feed posts and story archives.


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However, unlike feed posts and stories that are uncertainly protected, live streams will be deleted after 30 days.

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