adds COVID-19-related structured data types in version 7.0

thumbnail published Monday the 7.0 version of its features. The release contains new structured data that were fast-tracked in light of COVID-19 pandemic diseases.

Announcements and events. Microsoft’s Tom Marsh and Google’s Dean Berkley and RV Wrote, “We are also improving other areas of SchemaReg to help online and work-to-home transfers around the world. Goha,” for example, with event organizers Indicates when an event has moved from a physical location to being online, and whether the ‘event mode’ of the event is online, offline, or mixed. “

New “Special Announcements” structured datatypes allow historical sealed text updates and markups to be associated with a situation, such as the outbreak of quotient 19.

“Event Attendance Mode” is a new modification to the property event structured datatype, enabling event organizers to talk about how people can attend their event.

Quid .19. The new “Quad Testing Facility” configured datatype was created to represent both established and temporary testing facilities that are being opened to handle pandemic diseases. It can also be linked to the “hasDriveThroughService” property to indicate that a service offers drive-through testing.

Upcoming updates. The authors wrote, “We will continue to refine this vocabulary in light of feedback (Gtube; Mail), and will welcome suggestions for improvement and enhancement, especially for organizations that are posting such updates.

Why do we care? Once search engines begin to support these new structured data markups, businesses, government agencies, and health organizations can begin using them to inform their audience that they will be able to quote search results at all. How are the 19 epidemic shaping up?

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