The 17 Best Resume Templates for Every Type of Professional


While re-experiencing the sight of the eyes alone is unlikely to take you beyond your dreams, it doesn’t hurt to put a little extra effort into how you present yourself on paper.

The right experienced design speaks to your individual abilities and personality, and can take your application to the top of the stack. But finding a great design that fits your professional identity can be a big hassle. And applying for jobs is already very difficult.

To help you stand out in the sea of ​​Times New Roman and Crowd Copy, we’ve scoured the web for some of the best template resume experiments.Download now: 10 resume templates [Free Download]

You’ll want to steal each of these creative re-experienced templates – and the good news is: you can! These generous designers have made their work available for free download. Read on to check them out and find the perfect fit for your next job application.

Free edit resume word pdf template

Download a free, editable template.

We have sorted them out by the type of candidate they are best suited for.

17 Best Experienced Templates for All Kinds of Professionals

Great for creativity

These templates emphasize the design, color, and typography skills that creators need to demonstrate on the go.

1. Restart the template with the photo background

This template by Polish designer Patrick Koriki is perfect for photographers, graphic designers and other creative creators who want to showcase their best work. The template can be downloaded for free.

2. Monochromatic and retro resume template

This design by Freelance Faye Rackdick is intended to take traditional experiments seriously. The retro typography adds a playful element, while the boxy layout keeps everything from getting too busy or crowded. You can download this resume design for free.

Typography resume template for illustrators and graphic designers

3. Dynamic and visual resume template

Alicia Kirkio, a Copenhagen-based designer, gives us a great example of how to incorporate kaleidoscopic color without going overboard. Informative elements help to clearly show work experience and skills with minimal text. Download Kirkio’s free template here

Restart the template with the color header and footer

4. Infographic style resume template

Developed by digital art director and freelance designer Fernando Beaz, this unique, infographic-inspired inspirational template helps you organize your work experience and skills in a minimal visual setting. Bez has made the template available for free download here.

Restart the template formatted as infographic

Great for freelancers

These templates emphasize the headshot image for freelancers who may not be able to meet their employers in person, and need enough text space and visuals to present something memorable.

5. Restart the template with a simple color accent

Adding color to a resume may seem daunting at first – especially if you’re applying to a traditional workplace – but some sophisticated pops of color can add some interest without compromising professionalism.

This template by designer Eduardo Oguwa uses bright accents to spice up the traditional layout. You can download it for free here.

Restart the template with the photospace at the top right

6. Bold Classic Resume Template

If you’re looking for a more traditional experimental template that still makes a bold impression, check out this creation from Final Designer Matt Peter Force. The template includes space for a headshot, and the download is free.

Creative resume template with vertical header and headshot image space

7. Restart the template with pops of primary colors

Proof of the professionalism of this color, this template has a compact, sophisticated layout and bright, colorful accents. It also contains a significant summary. Designer David Games actually uses this template himself, and he’s generous enough to share it for free download here.

Color resume template with basic blue font color

Great for recent graduates

These templates make great use of space – perfect for students who are still experimenting – with eye-catching designs that help these candidates shine a light on their industry.

8. Graphic and adventure templates

This is not a resume template for wall flowers. The creators created this bold design as part of a free resume template pack, which you can check out here.

9. Restart the template with unexpected shape

If you want Really Stand in a crowded applicant’s pool, then this resume is definitely for you. Graphic designer and freelance photographer Paolo Petigiani has created this bold template for his professional use, but has made it available for free download here.

10. Center attached resume template

If you want to mix your resume format without going too crazy, try a center-connected layout, like this clean, modern design by Zhoon Habib. Custom icons and colorful borders add a great creative touch. This template is available for free download here.

Great for executives / top level professionals

These templates offer candidates enough real estate to showcase their deep experience in a simple but formal way that many employers expect.

11. Black and white resume template

Color ink running low? Check out this minimalist black and white template with editorial designer Bro Lotfi. The simple design is anything but boring, and includes a set of custom icons to add some visual interest. You can download the free template here.

Black and white resume template

12. Clean and modern experienced template

Your experience is really your first impression with a potential employer, and the design of this template by the team at Goa Shop is innovative without being too quick.

The template pack includes a two-page retry layout and cover letter design, and can be downloaded for free.

Resume and cover letter template

13. Restart the template with Sabel color scheme

Beirut-based designer Wasim Odallah offers a two-page resume template for more sophisticated professionals.

Displaying a headshot and contact information on the cover leaves plenty of space on the second page to document all the highlights and accomplishments of your career. Download the template for free here.

Best two page resume template with cover page

Best for a changing career for people

These templates help people who are changing industries build their experience through skills rather than employers. The section can be customized with the candidate who needs to show how his background can be transferred.

14. Restart the template with systematic use of space

When you’re trying to build up a list of years of work experience and laundry skills on one sheet, things get crowded fast. This template by designer Tina Van Helsinki invites you to make it easy.

Separate sections highlight different aspects of your qualifications – eliminating any unnecessary ones and focusing on what matters most to your potential employers. Download the template here.

Minimal resume template

15. Playful and professionally experienced template

Italian designer Martina Cagliari created this resume template with a set of 16 custom icons to highlight your interests and skills. The modern layout is anchored by a bold two-ton border: the pile has just enough color to help you get started again. Cagliari offers this template for free download here.

Great for hardware marketers

We couldn’t help ourselves. Although every template in this blog post can work for marketers, the templates below are perfect for those who like to brand themselves.

16. Heavy header resume template

“Hey you!” That’s what I think when I look at this painful and attractive pattern. Developed by designer Mike Brad Shaw, the re-experimenter features a variety of parts that don’t look too cluttered.

Long titles or last names may seem predominant with this title, but it’s definitely a good idea to expand the scope of information. Download it for free here.

Creative resume template with large, red header

17. Profile style resume template

This last experiment was actually designed by the company, Homeom, and it’s quite simple. But there’s something familiar about it: the resume header looks like a Facebook profile!

While Hollom suggests that the long-term segment could make this template attractive to the IT industry, we believe it is equally suitable for digital marketers – especially those working in social media. Download it for free here.

Social media marketing resume template

The design you were looking for was not found. We bet you’ll find a great template in this free resume template pack.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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