Why marketers should break SEO strategies into pre- and post-purchase


Getting search data is not a very difficult part of SEO. Platform-based tools that enable marketers to see their site rankings outperform those of third-party tools that dig deeper into the data to understand intent and customer life. Yes, there are many ways marketers collect data for their customers. Are behaving

“But then how can we achieve what we have achieved and then apply it to our strategies from an SEO strategy point of view as well as from a marketing point of view?” Said Leslie Rami, SEO solutions consultant at Botifi.

One approach they advocate is to break down the pre-purchase strategy into one bucket and another post-purchase strategy.

Before sale

“During the pre-purchase phase, there is a lot of information that consumers are looking for,” Remy told SMX Next. “They want to know everything they can possibly know.” “

For example, consider a user looking for kitchen remodeling topics.

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“They’ll start to think about what the kitchen of their dreams looks like. What are my countertops, which floor is it?” Understanding what these questions look like allows marketers to create relevant content.

“Some of these are really important guides to buying,” he said. The FAQs at this pre-purchase stage are really important because they help me figure out what questions to ask before making a purchase. Required.”

By offering straightforward answers through the snippets in the Google SERP, creating content that has features there generates a tremendous amount of trust with your potential users because they will not only give you a product or service. As a provider of, but also as an expert.

Another important pre-purchase team that is sometimes overlooked is PDF optimization. Marketers often produce numerous guides, white papers, fact sheets and much more for consumers that can get lost in search if not optimized. “Now you’re creating it for a larger target audience than you ever thought possible before,” Remy said.

Landing page optimization is another important step in the pre-purchase phase.

He said, “It’s really about internal link recommendations and formatting. Although a department may have decided to put some links on the landing page, the SEO team will have a better idea of ​​which links actually performed the search. Can be damaged and no clues can be found from these lists. “Only these regular contacts can go a long way and ensure that you are moving in the right direction.”

Other pre-purchase strategies include improving meta descriptions and titles to better align with search data.

Finally, the pre-purchase step is the right time to set up your campaign monitoring structure and guide A / B testing.

“Once we implement all these changes, we can start to see some huge benefits,” he said. One is the campaign show for a large audience. If you commit suicide, isn’t it better to reach as many people as you can? We can do this by modifying the content.

That said, and you can increase your clickthrough rate, make sure you’re not only showing up in the right position, but also the terms that are appearing on your title search results page. Your meta description is appealing to users. .

“And of course we can help improve conversion rates because of that.” When we know where people are coming from and how we can target them, we can increase the value of these customers, so more people will change than the person who still dreams. It’s kind of like a stage.

After sale

There is probably someone with a mindset that is repeating: Selling is not a sign of the end of a relationship, it is the beginning. In the case of search, buyers may have a lot of questions about using your product or service, or having trouble. Like the pre-purchase phase, this is an opportunity to create an opportunity to answer these questions.

“Monitor key phrases to understand user feedback. Are they saying things that are positive or negative inside your search console that you see the search results coming up in front of you?” Do you have any ways to improve your product or service based on this information? “

“In addition to answering these questions, we also need to focus on writing reviews and comments to consumers and really making them advocates and brand ambassadors for us,” Remy said. This includes taking advantage of this content for social media, or launching “Stay Connected” campaigns either on social media or via email.

At the same time, marketers have a chance to take that passion for their products and turn those consumers back into things like AIDS and accessories.

Rummy said, “Once they get caught and find out they love your brand, we should expect more brand loyalty. So we’re looking at brand questions for your site. Expect to see an increase. ” “Paying attention to them will really help tell you that you have created emotions and that you have created a value that they are passionate about.”

Lastly, check out our guidelines and best practices around user-created content to make the most of this step after purchase.

“If you put five reviews on this page that will make you very successful, you will have only two reviews,” he said. “You can start working with your teams to develop those five reviews, by outreach, and then you can move on to your next product. This will allow you to quickly showcase your product across a wide range of products. Will increase

Overall, with the post-purchase strategy, “we’re talking about improving your future performance,” Rami said.

“Let’s learn from our mistakes, let’s learn from our victories, and let’s go and copy so that whenever we create a campaign and every time we start working on these things, they will get better over time.”

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