Why Website Maintenance is Important for Your WordPress Site


Maintenance is a complex process that involves checking your page for any errors, bugs, or issues. This includes keeping it updated (installing newer versions of plugins, adding visual elements). Fortunately, Template is always ready to provide professional maintenance services for Template WW sites. Wondering why website maintenance is necessary? Let’s find the answer.

Why website maintenance is important

  • Performance Improvement – This reduces load time, and provides visitors with the best user experience.
  • Increasing visitor rates – Helps to improve SEO, making it easier to find your page using search engines. Increased sales in traffic growth.
  • Data Protection – By installing new versions of the plugin, you guarantee a high level of data protection.
  • Backups – even if something goes wrong – retrieve information using backups;
  • Accessible – A page should always be available. Otherwise, they look for information elsewhere. When the site is not available, you lose potential clients and money.
  • Important Updates – Install a newer version of the platform, implement features, etc.
Template maintenance services

Website monitoring and updating

This process requires special knowledge. You should be aware of all aspects of web development. It is also important to understand all the nuances of the platform. It must be analyzed to track various parameters, gather information, and develop an appropriate strategy for updating.

Website maintenance makes it possible to:

  • Remove spam – Some visitors may link to other resources if you have comments.
  • Test pages – to make sure they load properly.
  • Test Forms – They must perform correctly.
  • Add new (and renewed) content – Add videos, photos, articles, or other content to engage users.
  • Analyze statistics – to find the best ways to attract visitors.
  • Redesign – Follow trends, add widgets, animation;
  • Renew domain name, etc.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account. Get some work done weekly. Others are done monthly, quarterly and annually.

Keeping everything up to date is a daunting task. If you have as much content as possible, it becomes very difficult because you need to take care of everything. Make sure all links work properly, and visitors reach the required page.

Reliable Bluehost Hosting with a discount

Do you have multiple plans? What if you’re not a tech savvy, and you don’t know all aspects of web development? What if you just don’t have the time to analyze and update everything? If you do not understand why website maintenance is necessary? This is where template maintenance services for WordPress work.

Website updates from professionals

It’s hard to take care of everything. Even an experienced developer who works on a project needs some time. What if you run an online business? It’s best to let professionals do that, because:

  • They know all the ins and outs of the platform (WordPress and WooCommerce);
  • You don’t waste any time keeping everything up to date.

This is a great option for people doing online business as they can handle other tasks. They can spend time selling strategies, finding partners and selling to potential customers. You can do everything yourself, but it takes a long time.

Website Monitoring and Updates Service from Templumster

Website-maintenance-services-for-wpp sites
  • Time Monitoring – We install a plugin that helps us monitor your site. If something goes wrong (as it goes down) – the team is notified immediately. They are just starting to work on it.
  • Security protection The staff tries to find out about security and malware issues. Our staff will be aware of any concerns immediately, so visitors should not worry about protecting their data. Our experts examine components such as Custom Admin Panel URL, Captcha for Login Forms (including Admin Panel Login Form), Contact Form 7, Custom Database Preview. They will also create WordFence and Accept Anti-Spam.
  • Daily Backup – We save content such as files and pages. An owner can restore everything if necessary. The data is safe in your host and our side (if needed);
  • Weekly Updates – Our team updates everything in the current branch (5.1 to 5.2). Our experts can make a significant update (5.9 to 6.0) for an additional fee. The fee depends on the complexity. Sometimes, it takes a lot of modification to install the new version correctly.
  • Monthly Reports – On the last business day of the month (usually, Friday), we provide you with a detailed login. It includes information about the work done and their impact.
  • Team Support (5 hours per month) – Our team is available to you. This is a great option when you need to make some basic changes. Our experts can install templates, add some content or graphics, change color schemes, install and configure widgets. We can also make some minor HTML / CSS changes. Please note that used hours do not move into the next month.
  • 15 Discounts on custom services.

Why maintenance is important for your project

This is a great option for:

  • A businessman who runs an online store or startup.
  • A developer without team
  • Noises that don’t know much about web development or the WordPress platform.

Don’t worry about anything – we do everything we can to make your site work faster and better. This is great for professionals who provide web development services. Request to avoid wasting your time managing various projects. It helps you focus on existing projects instead of monitoring and reporting on old ones.

Creative Plan One Membership

If you still do not understand why it is necessary to restore the website, then answer the following questions.

  • Do you want your website to run smoothly?
  • Do you need to protect user data?
  • Do you want your project to be up-to-date?
  • Do you want everything to look sharp and modern?
  • Do you want to avoid wasting your time and money on maintenance?

If you answered “yes” at least three times, this is for you. It is impossible to exceed the result. If you invest in it, you will find a modern, reliable site that is always available to users. The most important factor is that it will work and people will use it permanently. Clients can recommend your project to their friends. This increases the number of potential customers and visitors.

With SEO improvements, you increase the number of visitors and potential clients. Increasing the number of customers can increase sales and your revenue. Without removing the spam, it turns into a place where everyone makes suspicious links. This negatively affects consumer engagement. Necessary information is difficult to obtain in many spam messages, and people skip it. Maintaining and increasing the number of active users is another reason why website maintenance is necessary.

Why is website maintenance important for data protection?

One of the main reasons a website needs to be maintained is its security. Nowadays, the number of online stores is high, so everyone buys goods or services online. Stores are mobile friendly, and people have instant access to them. Online stores request the required information, and clients share the necessary information. Without all these improvements, your page becomes not only slow but also dangerous. Older plugin is a security threat.

Hackers want to steal information to sell it. Data breaches pose a serious threat to all websites that require any kind of information from users. This can lead to financial loss and damage to your reputation. Project support is important here. Install the latest version of the plugin, and the platform (especially if it has security-related fixes), scan for malware. The only way to protect your project and your users from hacking. Your online shop may be a bit old, but if it is not trusted you will lose all your potential clients. That’s why restoring a website is important. It helps build trust.

There is a lot of competition between internet stores. Online stores appear, and existing stores are ready and large. A high level of security is a major advantage. Use all available means to get people to take notice and trust your project.

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